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About Us

E&U For The Climate is an initiative led by international students founded in 2019 by three EU Law students. Our mission is built on three pillars bridging inclusive sustainability, environmental action and global justice. In the face of the threatening nature of the environmental crisis, we hope to catalyse solutions for positive change.

Our purpose is threefold:

  • To empower the individual as an agent of change, thus influencing intergenerational mindsets. We truly believe that seemingly minor actions have an astounding impact in the grand scheme of things.
  • To translate words into action, by holding the real culprit of environmental destruction responsible: the fossil fuel giants, the exploitative fast fashion retailers, the unethical industries, the negligent governments.
  • To reframe the climate crisis as a justice and human rights issue, thereby advocating for longstanding policy solutions that mitigate the environmental crisis whilst tackling both climate change and gender/social/racial/ethnic injustices.

Welcome to our platform, together we can make a change! 



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We strongly believe in the power of the individual as an agent of change and advocate for sustainable and restorative practices. Seemingly minor actions can have big beneficial impacts on our planet as these foster systemic change and brighter days ahead. At the same time, not everyone can adhere to sustainable habits, as we live in an unequal world, where socio-economic injustices aggravate  the divisions existing among the few who have much and the many who have little.



The past decade has witnessed the implementation of a plethora of domestic and international legislative instruments to mitigate climate change. We have seen a dynamic development towards far-reaching judicial protection of environmental laws. Yet, the discrepancy between theory and practice is undeniable: not enough is being done. Thus, we advocate for governments to translate words into action. 




Our planet and her people are faced with intersectional crises. Climate change exacerbates gender, social, racial and ethnic injustices, as its inherently discriminatory nature disproportionately harms those who have contributed least to the problem. As climate change is undeniably a human rights problem a human rights framework must be part of the solution. Placing a human rights-based approach at the core of environmental policies constitutes the most effective  strategy to mitigate climate change.

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Your voice matters and your actions have the power to make positive change!

THE eu’s measures

The European Union has developed a comprehensive set of environmental policies to mitigate climate change. This has greatly contributed to the pursuit of measures dealing with global environmental threats. The Union and its Member States have established clear environmental objectives to protect and enhance the EU’s natural capital, to transform the EU into a green, competitive, low-carbon economy, and to safeguard European citizens from environmental-related health risks, amongst others.

Signs of progress achieved by EU climate measures are evident in policies to tackle plastic waste, such as the SUP Directive, and in legislative instruments to bolster climate change adaptation and to foster a circular, bio-economy. Notwithstanding, the achievement of progress remains unsatisfactory: the 2030 goals will not be attained without urgent action to reverse the overconsumption of natural resources, to scale down the alarming rate of biodiversity loss and to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. E&U For the Climate urges the EU to implement more stringent supervision measures in order to ensure that all Member States strictly achieve the climate goals. 

Inaction is simply not an option!