Human rights and climate change: putting justice at the forefront of the environmental movement


Climate change is a human rights issue.

UNICEF Amsterdam Student Team and E&U For The Climate are proud to present the event “Putting Human Rights and Justice at the forefront of the Environmental Movement” with the purpose of shedding light on the impacts of the environmental crisis on human rights, particularly those of minorities and vulnerable communities who are disproportionately burdened by climate change.

We will address questions such as: To what extent is the international fora (the European Union, the United Nations) facing climate change whilst prioritising environmental justice and equity? How to mitigate climate change by means of employing a human rights-based approach? How to “connect the dots” between environment, justice and human rights by means of the SDGs? 

To this end, we are honoured to have distinguished guest speakers who will contribute with their invaluable insights:

Ramon Rahangmetan, Co-Founder & Secretary of Circle of Sustainable Europe, leading Umbrella NGO combining a Top-Down & Bottom-Up approach to Sustainability. Ramon is a lobbyist at the European Parliament, advocating for Sustainable Practices and Youth Empowerment.

 Marie-Claire Graf, Focal Point of the Children and Youth constituency to the UNFCCC & Co-Founder of Sustainability Week International. Her aspiration is to inspire and empower youth to take meaningful, impactful and positive actions to create a momentum for change. 

 Quenia Nascimento Lyrio, biology and ecology professor who advocates for ecology as an instrument to tackle environmental issues, thereby linking this to climate justice and raising awareness on the impact of climate change on injustices such as environmental racism.

 Amanda da Cruz Costa, anti-racist ecofeminist and founder of PerifaSustentavel, an initiative striving towards the democratisation of the UN Agenda for Sustainable Agenda in the peripheries of São Paulo, Brazil. As the network mobilizer of Youth Climate Leaders, she advocates for an inclusive, collaborative and sustainable world.

To learn more, join us in our event! You can register here
Save the date: 29 January 2021, at 18.00 CET.