cow’s milk and its alternatives

When looking for the right milk for one’s morning coffee nowadays there seems to be an endless choice – from different animal products to many plant-based options. We know that making a choice can be difficult, but have you ever taken into account the environmental impact of the milk you consume? 

Below you can find a little overview of the ecological footprint of milk and some popular alternatives…

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Food waste

Disformed carrots, oversized courgettes, apples in which you can’t see your own reflection; all these products often end up in the trash. Food belongs on the plate, not in the trash. However, worldwide, one third of all food ends up getting wasted along the entire value chain. Food waste can be found everywhere in that chain: over-production in agriculture and gastronomy, in the supermarkets, and private households. Over-production of food is a side effect of supermarkets’ and costumers’ high standards of their products. Supermarkets in many parts of Europe have ‘norms’ in regards to the looks of fruit and vegetables, meaning they reject for example disformed, over- or undersized carrots from farmers, but they only sell ‘perfection’ to the customers. Leading to the question: what came first, the chicken or the egg? Who decided that disformed products are not good enough, was it the supermarkets imposing that ‘standard’, or was it the demand of the costumers?

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