meet the team



E&U For The Climate is an initiative led by international students founded in 2019 by three EU Law students. Our mission is built on three pillars bridging inclusive sustainability, environmental action and global justice. In the face of the threatening nature of the environmental crisis, we hope to catalyse solutions for positive change.

Our purpose is threefold:

  • To empower the individual as an agent of change, thus influencing intergenerational mindsets. We truly believe that seemingly minor actions have an astounding impact in the grand scheme of things.
  • To translate words into action, by holding the real culprit of environmental destruction responsible: the fossil fuel giants, the exploitative fast fashion retailers, the unethical industries, the negligent governments.
  • To reframe the climate crisis as a justice and human rights issue, thereby advocating for longstanding policy solutions that mitigate the environmental crisis whilst tackling both climate change and gender/social/racial/ethnic injustices.

Welcome to our platform, together we can make a change! 


Keila mcfarland


Hello, my name is Keila, I am a Brazilian-Spanish-British citizen studying law in the Netherlands.

My main fields of interest entail, inter alia, the detrimental impacts of climate change on socio-environmental rights, and the legal developments concerning the status of environmentally-displaced persons.

Climate change poses unprecedented threats to our basic human rights, therefore it is our responsibility to advocate for strong legal frameworks that effectively mitigate the effects of the environmental crisis from a human rights law perspective. 

Julia gieseck


Hi there! My name is Julia, I’m from Germany and currently studying European Union Law at the University of Amsterdam. 

Being born and raised in a  city, I learned to treasure moments I spent in nature. Whether it was hiking in the mountains, swimming and diving in the seas or simply taking my dog for a walk in the park.

I am particularly interested in climate change cases brought before national, as well as transnational courts. I believe that a sustainable climate is a fundamental right that the current and future generations should be able to enjoy!

Maren günther


Hello, my name is Maren! Growing up close to nature in Switzerland, early on I developed a drive to protect nature as we know it.

I am currently studying European Law at the University of Amsterdam. During my studies I grew special interest for climate change and environmental legislation in Europe.

I firmly believe in fighting climate change with a „it starts with U“ attitude. Meaning that seemingly minor changes can have big beneficial impacts on our planet. Let’s fight climate change together!