A green future for cryptocurrency? 


By George Bandy 

Whether it’s been the uncertainty surrounding traditional stock investments, challenges faced by national authorities in the wake of the pandemic, public endorsement by celebrities and financial institutions, or the more primal lure of making a small fortune overnight, interest in cryptocurrency has skyrocketed since the beginning of the year and sees its adoption inch further into the mainstream.

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World Consumer Rights Day: bringing people together in the fight against plastic



By  Thaís Mota

Created to highlight the power and rights of consumers for a safe, equal and sustainable market for all, World Consumer Rights Day, celebrated today (15/03), has the theme of Tackling Plastic Pollution and unites people in a global consumer movement. The campaign’s intention is to support consumers in mobilising companies, governments and society to make combatting plastic toxic waste and adhering to sustainable consumption an easy (and accessible) choice for all members of society, regardless of their socio-economic backgrounds. 

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By Hadasa McFarland Dias

When it comes to the dialogue surrounding climate change, the focus tends to lie on how the environment is put in jeopardy and how the future generations will suffer from the burden of this crisis. However, the neglect toward the ‘less evident’ threats posed by climate change is long-standing:  have we stopped to contemplate how climate change greatly and directly affects the lives of women, aggravating gender inequality through heat waves, rising sea levels, extreme storms, and other climate-related disasters? The UN has reported that out of 100 people suffering from climate change, 80 of them are women, in light of this, the following question becomes imperative to analyse: why does climate change disproportionately burden women?

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